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Auburn NY’s existing infrastructure and creative solutions are at the ready for many industries. As a community that runs on local business and the largest city in Cayuga County, Auburn provides a focal point for surrounding cities to visit and explore. This creates an influx of new customers and investment opportunities for your client so they can grow their profits in year one.

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Economic Development in Auburn, NY

The City of Auburn is located in the center of Cayuga County and New York State, less than 25 miles southwest of Syracuse. Cayuga County has a labor force of approximately 35,000 and a number of programs for workforce training. Cayuga County has concentrations in manufacturing and agriculture that are higher than both the New York and United States rates, which contribute to those sectors serving as the county’s target industries. The wages in Cayuga County are very competitive compared to New York State and the nation as a whole. The average weekly wage in the county is $965, compared to $1520 in New York State and $1188 nationally.

Opportunity Zone

The northwest quadrant of the City of Auburn is a Qualified Opportunity Zone. The federal Opportunity Zone program is an economic development tool designed to spur long-term, private capital investment in distressed areas by providing tax benefits to investors. This new program provides tax incentives for those who invest their capital gains as equity for businesses or real estate projects within a designated zone. They receive an immediate tax break if they make a long-term investment.

The Cayuga Economic Development Agency, in partnership with the City of Auburn, hosted an informational workshop about the new federal Opportunity Zones program on March 4, 2019, at Auburn City Hall. To view a video of the workshop, click below.


Cayuga County is home to nearly 80,000 people with varying skills and backgrounds. Here is what you can expect from Cayuga County and how it compares to New York State and the United States as a whole.

Demographic Snapshot

 Cayuga CountyNew YorkUnited States
Population (2020 est.)76,57619,453,561328,239,523
Median Age4439.238.5
Sex Ratio (males per 100 females)103.194.597
Size of Labor Force35,7169,296,381160,742,000
Unemployment Rate7.83%10%8.1%
Median Household Income$58,377$72,108$65,712
Mean Household Income$75,068$107,355$92,324
Living Wage (2 Adults Working, 2 children)$16.27$25.31 
Poverty Rate14.6%13%12.3%

Educational Attainment – Population 25 Years and Over

 Cayuga CountyNew YorkUnited States
Less than 9th grade4.5%5.8%4.8%
9th-12th grade, no diploma8.3%6.6%6.6%
High school graduate (incl. equivalency)33.3%25.8%26.9%
Some college, no degree18.7%15.2%20%
Associate’s degree12.1%8.8%8.6%
Bachelor’s degree14.8%21.2%20.3%
Graduate or Professional degree8.4%16.6%12.8%
High school graduate or higher87.2%87.6%88.6%
Bachelor’s degree or higher23.2%37.8%33.1%

Market Access

Cayuga County is conveniently positioned in the heart of the Boston-to-Washington, D.C., trade corridor. Our businesses have direct access to the nation’s most extensive air, highway, waterway, and rail systems, ensuring fast, reliable access to customers and suppliers throughout the United States and Canada. The NYS Thruway (I-90) is just a 15-minute drive along State Route 34 from Auburn to Exit 40 in Weedsport. The city is also within a day’s drive of 50 percent of the combined United States and Canadian population. The county has a strong presence of manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism industries, as Cayuga County has more freshwater waterfront land than any other county in the state. 

Target Industries

Cayuga County’s regional assets position Auburn perfectly for the success of manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism. With the county’s combination of workers, major employers, infrastructure, and proximity to extensive markets, these industries have the resources to be efficient and competitive.

For instance, did you know over 3,000 acres are dedicated to organic food production and the growing dairy industry in Cayuga County? This extensive land present throughout the county, including Auburn, helps the agriculture sector thrive as they have room for expansion and increasing consumer demand.

Furthermore, the county’s manufacturing industry is able to utilize our Auburn workforce and competitive wages to drive economic development. Cayuga County’s natural beauty, various recreational activities, and plenty of historical sites complement Auburn, making it a great location to live, visit, and vacation.




Workforce Development

A number of workforce development programs are available to businesses in Cayuga County, which can help boost productivity and efficiency by improving the skills of your workers.  Workforce training can help you to feel confident that your employees will perform well when you start a new division or obtain new equipment or technology. As a new business in Auburn, these training resources make sure your employees have the skills they need.

Location Details


Market access map of Auburn
Auburn is centrally located in New York State, and is situated in the Great Lakes region, the richest market in the world. The following is a breakdown of populations for the entire U.S. and Canada.

Market Access

Albany 168
Boston 331
Buffalo 118
Charlotte 779
Chicago 633
Cleveland 298
Montreal 280
New York City 285
Philadelphia 287
Rochester 66
Rochester 32
Syracuse 273
Washington D.C. 404

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