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We’re a micropolis, plain and simple. We have room to grow, and we want YOU to be a part of it. Learn more about jobs in Auburn, NY. 

Employees in Auburn have a faster commute time than the U.S. average, traveling

0 % faster

(18 minutes on average, compared to 26.4 minutes.)

Auburn offers

100 +

retail, financial, food, entertainment, and professional businesses with dozens of nonprofits and government agencies.

The largest share of households have an income range of

$60k–$ 60 k

25 miles west of Syracuse, 35 miles north of Ithaca, and 55 miles east of Rochester. Our commute can't be beat.

Join the growing number of professionals that are boosting their careers in the 315. The small-city charm paired with quick travel to major cities such as New York, Buffalo, Toronto, and Philadelphia creates the perfect recipe for network access and work-life balance.

The Perfect Place for Remote Working

Whether you are launching your own business, joining a growing Auburn company, or working remotely, Auburn provides an excellent home base. With industry resources, nationally recognized high-speed internet, and ample opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, you can stay connected in your career and community.

Major Employers

Major manufacturers in Auburn include Nucor Steel, Currier Plastics, Bo-Mer Plastics, Tessy Medical Products, AAI-Power-Flo Technologies and Xylem.  Other nearby manufacturers include Cayuga Milk Ingredients, UPSCO, Mackenzie-Childs, and Baxter (formerly Hill-Rom). 

Additionally, Cayuga County is a state leader in the production of dairy products, corn and soybeans, so there is a strong agricultural industry in the surrounding area. There are also plenty of local opportunities in human services, schools, healthcare, government, agriculture, and more.

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