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Want to know more about the largest city in Cayuga County? You have come to the right place! Explore the stories of people, businesses, and city happenings that highlight the incredible growing community of Auburn, New York.

What do you love about living in Auburn?
"So many things—how deep the sense of community is, how I have personally had the chance to fulfill one of my longest-held dreams here, and all the wonderful people who live here. For starters!"
Angela Daddabbo Artistic Director at Auburn Public Theater
"I love living in Auburn because of all the history here."
Kizzy Mitchell Site Coordinator at Booker T. Washington Community Center & Owner of Precious Stones 1 Stop Shop
"It’s a tight community that looks out for one another…. And everyone knows who you are and helps out."
Carey Eidel Executive Director at Auburn Public Theater
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The Auburn Possibility

Welcome to The Auburn Possibility Podcast Series! This platform provides a voice for our Auburn community. Hear from localities that have cool careers, a passion for impact, and a love for their city that—you guessed it—is full of possibility. 


Thanks for listening; we appreciate your ears. Now, let’s dig in!

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