Opportunity Awaits: Why Ally Colvin Moved (Back!) to Auburn, NY

When it comes to finding the perfect place to live, what do most people look for? For many of us, finding the perfect place to work, build a life, and explore our passions can take a few tries. For Ally Colvin, she found exactly that in her hometown: Auburn, NY

In this brand-new episode of The Auburn Possibility, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Ally Colvin to learn more about all the things she loves about living and working in Auburn, NY—a city, as she describes it, “on the precipice” of something great. 

According to Ally, “Auburn is at an interesting crossroads where the cost of living is low, cost of starting a business is low. Opportunity is extremely high in any interest, especially in the creative and service industries.”

A native of Auburn, NY, Ally lived in New York City for a few years before relocating to Auburn. What drew Ally back to the small city of Auburn? A few things. Most notably, in her own words, “you are no longer a drop in the bucket”—for Ally, Auburn’s charm and sense of community were the biggest draws, but she also found plenty of professional success here. 

As a partner in her law firm, Ally has used her legal know-how to help out countless friends, neighbors, and businesses throughout the area. From helping her cousin buy her first house to helping a budding small business get its liquor license, she’s found that Auburn holds ample opportunity for career growth and making an impact. Outside of work, Ally stays busy by exploring another one of her interests by joining a band. 

Ally is just one example of the countless folks who proudly call Auburn, NY, home. Now more than ever, the City of Auburn attracts folks like Ally looking for a breath of fresh air from larger cities—space to settle down, a cohesive community, and plenty of opportunities to discover new (and old) passions. 

Whether you’re looking to start your own business, explore existing opportunities in Auburn, or prefer to work remotely, Auburn has plenty of elbow room for your professional and personal life.

Be sure to stay tuned for brand-new episodes of the Auburn Possibility. We speak to Auburnites from all walks of life about all of the possibilities this micropolis has to offer. From  economic development, job opportunities, cool jobs, and available incentives to recreation, the arts, and craft beer—there’s something for everyone. 

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